Real-Time Leadership Mantras from Shadow the Leader Series

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Author : YBF Team  

Mantra No. 1: Take Care of Your People, says Dr. Jaideep Devare, MD, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd

When Devang Mehta, a chartered accountant and emerging leader, met Dr. Jaideep Devare, MD, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd, to shadow him for the day, he gained several new insights on leadership.

Right from his warm and enthusiastic welcome to his powerful acronyms that inspire and stir you to action, Devang was mesmerized by Jaideep, a complete people’s leader.

Organisations are built by people

During his interactions with Devang, Jaideep couldn’t emphasise enough that people take an organisation forward. Hence, they ‘need to be – inspired, structured, empowered and energised’ to keep them engaged and motivated.

Jaideep emphasised one must take care of their people… This does not mean to overlook performance, but to empower them, and also take responsibility for their failures, as long as they are focused on the organisation’s goals.

Jaideep has coined an interesting acronym – ‘FIT’ to help leaders deal with their people better:

F – Fairness in dealings with people
I – Professional Integrity
T – Transparency, the ability to spell out even the bad news.

A leader does not gain respect by merely having a designation. It comes from his behaviour and approach toward his people. His thoughts, action and words are always observed by his people, and hence he has to lead by example.

Humility and appreciation define good leadership

Jaideep thus insists that leaders must stay humble and be more appreciative of their teams. He believes one can seldom go wrong if they use the PSTs often in all their conversations. PST stands Please, Sorry and Thank You – words leaders should use liberally in their interactions.

Just like a soldier takes care of his country’s well-being, it’s important that employees too, develop a deep sense of commitment toward the organisation. This happens when they are given common big goals to achieve.

Motivate your team, but inspire them more

Jaideep feels people don’t need motivation as much as they need to be inspiration. This happens when you structure their roles meaningfully and in alignment with their core competencies, and also guide them when needed, and provide necessary feedback.

A leader must empower the team, so that they take full ownership of the task in hand. Moreover, one can keep your people energized and driven if you give them challenges that push their boundaries.

Mistakes and failures are all part of an organisation’s growth

As Jaideep shared freely of his leadership knowledge, Devang couldn’t help but get driven to make his own team work more effectively. Devang realised that a leader must support even the mistakes of his team, if committed unknowingly. People should be allowed to fail and fail fast in order to learn and grow.

Devang also understood that every person in the team should be given a chance to get heard in a meeting, without being ridiculed or attacked for their views.

By observing Jaideep’s team dynamics, Devang inferred that leaders must be approachable and communicate frequently to people at all levels in the organisation.

He also learned that social media should not distract and hinder a leader’s communications, but, in fact, be used as a tool to find more opportunities to give both the team and the customer a better experience.

Finally, Jaideep’s ability to cut away the riff-raff; be mindful of the organisation’s goals, and stay focused on them was one of the biggest takeaways for Devang.

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