What is the benefit of participating in this program?

  • Program serves the dual purpose. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet one of the biggest names in Corporate India and mobilizing funds for a cause. .
  • It is a novel way of stimulating creativity & innovation, crafting business strategies and bringing in knowledge transfer on entrepreneurship, management and creativity.
  • Provides an opportunity to “observe and absorb”

Terms and Conditions

All Participants are requested to read the description of the leader and terms and conditions given below on Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry website (http://www.bombaychamber.com/) before confirming participation in the Program.

  • The Program is purely a learning program and the proceeds after defraying expenses will be used for a cause.
  • All Participants have to provide their personal details (name, contact details, residential address) and brief profile.
  • Each participant cannot select more than 3 Leaders from ongoing Season of the Program.
  • The procedure of selection of the leader is on the basis of first cum first served.
  • All participants will be verified by Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Please provide correct contact details so that verification is completed successfully.
  • On completion of verification process the shadow has to make the payment within 48 hours.
  • The shadow will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before shadowing the leader.
  • The shadow will not be allowed into board meetings or meetings where confidential information is being shared, unless agreed upon by the leader.
  • The shadow will have to make himself / herself available for the shadowing on the day suitable to the leader.
  • The shadow will not publish any opinion / video / tweet about the leader, organization or the event.
  • The shadow will not be allowed to photograph / film any part of the shadowing without the permission of the leader/organization.
  • The organizers will try to complete the shadowing process during the stipulated time. They are not responsible for any delays or any other issues that may arise for reasons beyond control.
  • The shadow will need to make necessary personal travel and stay arrangements for all purposes in connection with this event.
  • The shadow will not approach the leader for any personal requests or favours or gather competitive / market sensitive information.
  • The opportunity of shadowing the leader is not transferable.
  • In case of any discrepancy regarding any matter in connection to this event, the decision of Bombay Chamber of Commerce will be considered as final.
  • In case, the shadow is unable to attend shadowing session, refund will not be provided.
  • The shadow has to agree that he /she will not reveal/disclose any confidential information that he gets to know about the leader, his organization to outsiders and also not use it for personal gain.

How can one participate in this program?

  • Leader’s brief profile will be promoted online as Leader for the Shadow the Leader Program.
  • Aspiring Shadows (entrepreneurs/professional/management students) will select a Leader and pay a fixed amount for participating in the Program.
  • The amount to be paid for participation will be announced at the time of announcing the Season of the program.
  • The Shadow will agree and sign the terms and conditions of the Program.
  • The date for the meeting will be given by the leader and shadow will not be able to make request for change of date.
  • After selection of the Shadow, Leaders will be updated with brief profile of the Shadow and reconfirm the date suggested for shadowing with the Leader.
  • Post the meeting, the shadows will share their feedback in a format provided by the organizer.

What are the modes of payments?

  • Payment can be made through :
  • Cheque/DD towards participation fee to be drawn in favor of BOMBAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY.
  • NEFT Details
    • Name : Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Account No : 02422418061924
    • IFSC Code : DCBL0000024
    • Bank Name : DCB Bank Limited Branch
    • Address : Mahim(024) Branch, Mumbai 400016
  • The shadow has to make the payment within 48 hours of confirmation to participate in the Program.
  • In case, the shadow is unable to attend shadowing session, refund will not be provided.

How much time will one get to spend with the Leader?

  • The Leader will spend 4 to 6 hours with the Shadow.

How can one get confirmation of availability of the Leader/s?

  • Shadow will get the confirmation about the availability of the Leader through mail.

Steps to follow

Step 1 : The eminent industry leaders are invited for Shadow the Leader program requesting the leader to spend 5-7 hours in a day.

Step 2 : Once a Shadow shows interest, the leader’s profile is shared with him.

Step 3 : When an aspiring shadow selects the Leader, he pays a fixed amount to confirm his participation. The Shadow then signs the terms & conditions of the program.

Step 4 : After the Shadow has been selected by the YBF committee, his profile is shared with the leader who confirms the session. Post the session, Shadows fill a feedback form on their experiences.