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Shadow the Leader is a unique opportunity for aspiring leaders (Shadow) to observe learn and engage with select leaders from different walks of life. The idea is to spend time with a select leader for a day and lead the life of the leader. The Leader will be a guide for a day to the promising young leader. The Program serves the dual purpose of mobilizing funds for charity and to provide an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with eminent industry Leaders.

Young Bombay Forum (YBF) is a youth wing and the think-tank of young leaders at the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). YBF aspires to support aspiring youth by giving them an opportunity to achieve the dream of becoming successful leader. YBF has taken up an initiative of launching a unique program Shadow the Leader for aspiring young leaders.

YBF has completed five seasons of Shadow the Leader Program :

  • Season 1 :  9 Leaders February 2015 to August 2015
  • Season 2 :  21 Leaders September 2015 to August 2016
  • Season 3 :  18 Leaders March 2017 to August 2017
  • Season 4 :  16 Leaders February 2018 to November 2018
  • Season 5 :  19 Leaders January 2019 to December 2019
  • Season 6 :  22 Leaders March 2020 (Onwards)

Brochure - Shadow The Leader

Shadow The Leader - Season 6

Brochure - Shadow The Leader

Shadow The Leader - Season 5

Season 6 : Leaders

Season 5 : Leaders

Key Highlights of Shadow the Leader

  • An opportunity to mirror a leader’s day in action.
  • An opportunity to be guided by an iconic Leader for your chosen path
  • An opportunity to network with highly networked Leader

The aim of Shadow the Leader Program is to provide a platform to all aspiring leaders in India through a unique opportunity to be able to mirror iconic leaders from different walks of life and be guided. This unique and innovative programme provides an excellent platform to learn and get ideas from leaders in action. Further this Program gives a peep into the cockpit for the shadow as a co-pilot in a real environment which not many can experience throughout their professional life.

This Program has been designed to help develop leaders for tomorrow with a soul. Thus the proceeds of the Program are committed for a cause having sustainable impact on the community we live in.

What shadow's say about us

Season 4 : Leaders

About Young Bombay Forum

YBF a youth wing of Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry was born on the 172nd Foundation Day of the Chamber in the year 2007. YBF was launched in the presence of the young and dynamic actor John Abraham, and cheered on by the Chamber’s luminary members. The YBF is the Chamber’s response to the emergence of young leaders in the spheres of business, entertainment and politics.

VISION of nurturing young leaders in India to become globally competitive and contribute towards nation – building.

Creating a forum of choice for Young Leaders to

  • Achieve Professional Excellence.
  • Act as change agents for inclusive and sustainable development.

The Young Bombay Forum seeks to harness the energy and leadership potential inherent in its membership by encouraging participation in developmental and leadership activities, offering mentoring opportunities and creating a framework for networking outside industry foray. Any Potential business leaders and individuals below the age of 45 can join YBF.

YBF has organised 5 seasons of “Shadow the Leader Program”, an innovative and unique program for promising entrepreneurs, professionals and management students. The Program provides an opportunity to follow a business leader for day/hours and to understand what it takes to succeed in the leader’s field of achievement. Shadow the Leader is YBF’s signature program, and a brand that is fast gaining prominence across corporate India.

About Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established in 1836 and has achieved the distinction of being India’s oldest Chamber of Commerce to serve its members without a break for 182 years. The Chamber provides a forum for interaction of its members and formation of considered industry opinions and viewpoints. The Chamber can boast not only of its longevity but also of its impeccable lineage. With more than 3500 prime companies as its members, the Chamber represents the cream of Indian Industry, Commerce and Services. While the name `Bombay Chamber’ conjures images of an organization representing exclusively a city-based membership, in reality it represents a wide spectrum of highly reputed and professionally run companies which are based in the city of Mumbai, but whose manufacturing facilities and commercial influence spread not only all over India but also internationally.

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